9 September 2013

Blazing the Trail

Hello, Watchers.

I’m pleased to show you the fantastic trailer for The Watcher Self today which has been constructed with a great deal of care and attention by the film’s editor, Alex Weeks. So, without further ado, have a look at it and then I’ll talk to you a bit more about what went into making it.

Did you like it? Good. Go on — have another look before reading on. You already have? Well, OK then!

Building the trailer was, comparitively speaking, a fairly straightfoward process. This is mainly due to the fact that Alex cuts trailers and promos for a living — so he really knows what he’s doing. It is not uncommon for him to cut a 12-hour television series into 90 seconds.

Like the film, I actually wrote a ‘script’ for the trailer. It was more a series of notes on the kind of structure I was looking for along with the captions that you see in the final few seconds. I was very specific about how there should be no dialogue. I wanted the trailer to be as enigmatic as the film itself — quite literally a ‘teaser’.

I had a general idea of the kind of shots we could use, but I mainly left that to Alex. In fact, there are one or two shots in the trailer that I originally felt we shouldn’t use, but after seeing them I realised it was absolutely the right decision to include them.

Alex also chose the music. It’s a track called Time to Climb, composed by Grayson Voltaire, from the Extreme Music library and I think it’s perfect. A lot of time was spent looking for just the right track and there is a perfect symbiosis between picture and music. This side of the process was particularly fun for me as I’m one of those people who is a real fan of library music, such as the legendary LPs from KPM, and it’s the first time where I’ve found myself licensing a track for my own project.

It goes without saying that the importance of a trailer cannot be overstated. In today’s online world, it is critical to have something that can be shared around and ‘go viral’. I’m sure there will be comments from some Watchers that the trailer doesn’t really tell you that much about the film, but then that was always the point. I don’t want to tell you what happens, I only want to hint at what’s going on and make you ask yourself a few questions. And if watching the trailer makes you want to look for the answers, then the trailer has succeeded.

Share and enjoy!


  1. Well that left me wanting to see more. Brilliant scream. Music and effects are chilling too.

  2. Definitely an interesting and inspiring trailer! Can't wait to see the movie.