14 January 2014

The Watcher Score

Hello, Watchers.

Well, we’re now in the latter stages of post-production and I’m pleased to say that The Watcher Self is nearly complete.

I’ll talk a bit more about what’s been going on — and what is currently happening — in a future post or two sometime soon, but I wanted to talk to you about music.

When I originally conceived the film — it seems such a long time ago! — I never intended it to have a score.  It was a much more ‘gritty’ down-to-earth story which evolved as time went on.  A new identity began to form and it soon became apparent that it was the kind of film that needed a very unique kind of sound. I didn’t want it to sound too ‘conventional’. Musical, yes — to an extent — but something complemented by a unique sound palette.

Enter Paul Sumpter at The Futz Butler.  Paul contacted me in response to my callout for a composer.  I was instantly attracted to his approach to creating music primarily through ‘found sound’.  I am a big fan of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop — some of the greatest pioneers of electronic music and musique concrète — and I think my intentions for the score are an extension of that.

We had a good old chat in Caffè Nero in St. Martin’s Lane about what I was looking for, how Paul intended to approach it, and how much music might be required.  Ultimately, the score turned into a much larger beast than we had originally thought, but the time and effort Paul has put into creating it has resulted in something that I personally think is outstanding.  You can hear a suite of highlights from the original soundtrack, specially created by Paul for our Soundcloud page:

I’ll now hand over to Paul and let him pick up the story of how the unique score for The Watcher Self was put together...

The Watcher Self: Delivering Our Latest Feature Film Score


  1. Sounds fantastic, Matt. I can't wait to hear it as part of the finished movie. Paul's clearly put a lot of work into the score.

  2. So cool, man. I'm psyched for the sound on this bad boy!